Industrial gas cleaning

The Company offers  variety of solutions in industrial gas cleaning. Teplocom LLC has developed, manufactured, tested and implemented different versions of regenerable and non-regenerable filters, with a capacity of 40 to 2800 m3 / h. The cleaning efficiency of the filters designed is 99.99% of the incoming dust, including uranium dioxide.

We developed and launched gas treatment units for gases containing droplet aerosols contaminated with enriched uranium compounds.

The company  also designed, manufactured and launched mobile units for dry cleaning of inner and outer surfaces of equipment and boxes from dust containing uranium. The units have automated control system,  filtered air activity control, container filling monitoring and filter pressure differential control . When the pressure differential runs to maximum allowable  the filters are automatically regenerated or if they are non-regenerable they are replaced with the new ones also automatically.

The design can be improved and adopted for the specific operating conditions.

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