Our projects

Since 2009 Teplocom has implemented the following projects for various customers:

Customer - PAO "Machine Building Plant" (Elemash)

1) We developed, manufactured and tested the following equipment prototypes:

  • Highly effective regenerable and non-regenerable air filters that remove dry dust containing uranium. Filters have nuclear-safe geometry for the relevant uranium enrichment of up to 96%.
  • Filters that clean air from droplet aerosols, containing highly enriched uranium.
  • Local gas cleaning systems for industrial ventilation of machines, that  process enriched (up to 96%) uranium. The systems are automated and nuclear-safe.
  • Mobile unit for vacuum cleaning of processing equipment, that removes dust containing uranium enriched up to 5% or up to 96%.
  • Unit for thermal control of nuclear fuel tubes.
  • Unit for evaporation of liquid radioactive waste.
  • Unit for producing casting powder containing highly enriched uranium.
  • Electro polishing unit.
  • Installation for uranium oxide production.
  • Filling equipment.
  • Heat treatment unit.
  • Final finishing unit.

2) The upgrade of industrial ventilation for multiple production sites based on local gas cleaning systems, developed by Teplocom LLC.

3) Within our reconstruction/upgrade projects we also manufactured and supplied gas cleaning equipment, completed assembly, installation, commissioning and start-up.

Customer - JSC "TVEL-STROY"

Retrofit of the automatic control system of the sintering furnace for pellets (supplied by BTU International)  based on S7-300 controller.
Manufacturing, delivery, installation and commissioning of local gas cleaning systems for casting powder production departments, pellets pressing and grinding.


Manufacture and delivery of 2 equipment sets for the local gas cleaning systems with vacuum cleaning facility.

Customer - LLC "Stankomash"

Manufacture and delivery of 4 equipment sets for the local gas cleaning systems with vacuum cleaning facility.

Customer - JSC "NCCP"

Manufacture and delivery of mobile vacuum cleaning set.

Customer - "NIKIET. NA Dollezhal"

Manufacture and delivery of two high-pressure air filters.


Supervision of building and construction of firing range pilot facilities for FSI EMERCOM Russia as a part of the Federal Program "Fire safety in Russian Federation for the period till 2012".

Supervision of control and monitoring system of smoke ventilation in a traffic tunnel.