Our projects
1)Following prototypes of technological equipment were developed, manufactured and tested:
Highly efficient regenerated and non-regenerated filters for cleaning air from dry dust containing uranium.
Filters have a nuclear safe geometry for the corresponding enrichment of uranium, up to 96%.
Filters for the purification of air from droplet aerosols containing highly enriched uranium.
Local gas purification systems for technological ventilation of uranium processing equipment enriched up to 96%.
Systems are automated and nuclear-safe.
Mobile unit for vacuum cleaning of processing equipment, that removes dust containing uranium enriched up to 5% or up to 96%.
Unit for thermal control of nuclear fuel tubes.
Unit for evaporation of liquid radioactive waste.
Unit for producing casting powder containing highly enriched uranium.
Electropolishing unit.
Filling unit.
Heat treatment unit.
Final finishing unit.
2) Reconstruction of technological ventilation for several production sites based on local gas purification systems developed by Teplocom.
3) As part of the implementation of reconstruction projects, gas cleaning equipment was manufactured and delivered, installation and commissioning were completed, equipment was commissioned in operation.
PAO "Machine Building Plant" (Elemash)
S7-300 controller-based retrofit of the automatic control system of the sintering furnace for pellets (supplied by BTU International).
Production, supply, installation and commissioning of local gas purification systems for production sites for the preparation of fresh powder, tablet compression, grinding of tablets.
Manufacture and delivery of 4 equipment sets for the local gas cleaning systems with a vacuum cleaning facility.
Manufacture and delivery of 2 equipment sets for the local gas cleaning systems with a vacuum cleaning facility.
Manufacture and delivery of mobile vacuum cleaning unit.
Manufacture and delivery of two high-pressure air filters.