Our projects
Highly efficient air filters of a new generation have been developed, designed to clean the air from dry dust and wet aerosols containing enriched uranium.
The filters have increased nuclear safety.
Based on these filters, various automated technological
gas purification systems have been developed and introduced into production.
In total, there are currently 50 different technological gas purification systems operating in the plant's workshops, containing a total of 180 regenerable filters and
127 non-regenerable ones.
All gas treatment plants are taken for maintenance and repair.
With the participation of TEPLOKOM LLC, workshop process
ventilation was reconstructed at several production sites, which ensured the return of used raw materials to
the technological process and improved working conditions.
11 automated process units were developed and put into production to perform various operations in the production
of nuclear fuel.
Installations taken for maintenance.
Modernization of the automatic control system for the BTU tablet sintering furnace based on the S7-300 controller.
Manufacturing and supply of local gas purification systems for production areas for the preparation of press powder, tablet pressing, and tablet grinding.
Manufacturing and supply of equipment for gas purification systems.
Design, manufacture and supply of first-stage filter casings with increased service life under conditions of abrasive wear.
Design, manufacture and supply of components including automatic control system for a powder mixing machine.
Manufacture and delivery of mobile vacuum cleaning unit.
Design, manufacture and installation of gas purification systems for the uranium oxide production site and the tablet pressing site.
Gas purification systems were taken for maintenance and repair.
JSC "NIKIET name for N.A. Dollezhala"
Manufacturing and supply of high pressure air filters.
Federal state unitary enterprise "GHK"
Design, manufacture and research of a two-stage local gas purification system using a regenerated cartridge filter as the first stage of purification in the tablet manufacturing process.